Beneath the Studio Surface

Started in 2021, BLUE360 Studio is the result of small business customers requesting KalBlue offer simple yet creative services for small businesses.

What We Are

We are a creative team focused on helping small businesses improve their marketing execution by providing effective creative services a' la carte or on an affordable monthly subscription plan.

What We Are Not

We are not a full service marketing agency that provides complex marketing services to larger corporations.  If this is what you need, we will use our industry experience and relationships to help you find the right agency.

Mission Statement 

BLUE360 Studio is focused on helping small businesses be more creative and simplify today’s complex marketing and visual communication environment.

Core Target

To be the most trusted and valued small business creative resource in the markets we serve.

Our Niche 

To help small businesses develop creative visual communications that meet today’s multi-faceted electronic, social, and print marketing requirements and and remain relevant by easy to budget monthly subscriptions. 

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